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Moving Off

To move off safely, you must do so without creating a hazard to other road users, therefore when moving off you must avoid causing anyone to change speed or direction because of your actions.

It is safer to move off from the left as we drive on the left hand side of the road therefore you will not have to cut across oncoming traffic. On your driving test you may be required to pull up somewhere convenient on your left possibly several times and move off again when clear, moving off safely and in full control of your vehicle.

To move off safely follow the Prepare-Observation-Move routine explained below





Moving off from behind a parked car






You will need to ensure you stop somewhere safe - legal and convenient. On your driving test you may be required to pull over and park on the left possibly several times.

As you are changing speed - direction then you should follow the Mirrors Signal Manoeuvre (M-S-M) routine. Do not park where you will create a hazard to other road users i.e. on or near a bend, a brow of a hill, too close to junctions etc.


Check your mirrors well before commencing manoeuvre to assess distance and speed of any following traffic.


After you have picked a suitable place to stop and mirrors have been checked apply a left signal if anyone behind or ahead would benefit. There would be no harm in signaling every time. Cancel signal when parked.


Steer closer to the kerb where possible to help following traffic pass.


Gently break until almost at a stop - apply clutch and steer closer to the kerb aiming to be approximately 1/2ft / 6 inches away.


Keep driveways clear etc. and then brake to a complete stop - keep clutch and brake pedal applied. Select handbrake and neutral, then you can rest your feet. If signal is still on - cancel.

Try to avoid parking opposite other parked cars or obstructions. (Convenient)

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